How To Order?

This website is only for business customers. You should register to be able to place an order.

When registering, please provide us some information about your business. If it's a physical store, the name and the address so that we can google it, if you only have an online store or you sell on online markletplaces, its url, if you sell through social media, your social media pages, if you sell on the markets tell us the names of the markets and send us a picture of your stand. 

We need to make sure that;

1. You are a business customer, not a retail customer who want's to make a big order.

2. You are not located very close to an existing customer of ours.

If we are not sure about above points, we might cancel your order and refund your payment.

Otherwise, we are looking forward to working with you regardless of the size of your business. 

There is no minimum order value for shopping in our wholesale store.


Do you prefer to do it in the old way?

If you like to order by email, we can happily send you an excel sheet so that you can fill the quantity boxes and see the calculated order total and send it back to us when you are ready.

You can also make your own excel sheet and send it by email. Do it your way, and we'll arrange the rest.

When we agreed on the order, the total amount of your order, and shipping costs, we'll send you a payment link; you can then click on it and pay by credit card. Alternatively, you can transfer it by bank deposit.


Your Market Your Prices

You are free to sell our products at any price. If you want to see our retail prices please check our retail store:


Contact Us anytime

Good communication is a must in business. We are happy to hear from you.

We speak English, Spanish, and German.

We are based in Istanbul but have an office in Berlin too.

You can reach us either by email:

by phone to Istanbul:

+905333116561 (English)

by phone to Berlin:

+491789692525 (English, Spanish, German)

or writing on WhatsApp or Telegram to any of these numbers


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