Turkish Towels

Upgrade Your Business with Wholesale Turkish Towels: Buy in Bulk and Save! 

Are you a store owner who is looking for high-quality and affordable towels for your business?

Do you find that the towels you currently stock are quickly wearing out, losing their absorbency, or simply not meeting the needs of your customers?

As a retailer, you want to get more sales and that's why you want a product that your customers love to buy. You need to provide high-quality, unique and practical items at an affordable price

That's where Turkish towels come in - the perfect addition to your inventory!

With their exceptional absorbency, durability, and softness, these towels are a great addition to your inventory.

By investing in Turkish towels, you can ensure that your inventory stands out from the competition while also satisfying your customers' requirements.

Read on to discover why investing in bulk Turkish beach towels is a smart investment for your small business and how they can elevate your inventory to new heights!

Introducing Turkish Towels & their History 

Turkish towels are the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants to add a touch of style and practicality to their daily routine. These towels are known by several names, including hammam towels, peshtemal towels, and Turkish beach towels, all of which highlight their diverse uses.

Turkish towels or wholesale sauna towels are crafted using 100% virgin cotton. Turkish cotton is famous due to its long fibers, which make the cotton a luxurious and soft texture.

Turkish cotton is also environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional cotton, Turkish cotton is grown without pesticides and harmful chemicals and it results in a more sustainable option.

Do you know the history of Turkish Towels? The history of Turkish Towels expands to the Ottoman Empire!

Traditionally, they were used in Turkish baths or hammams, where they played a crucial role in the cleansing and relaxation rituals.

Crafted from quality cotton or linen, Turkish cotton bath towels wholesale are still handmade by artisans in the Denizli region of Turkey, using locally sourced super-soft long fibers. Their delicate weight means they won't ever weigh you down, making them the perfect choice for all your travel needs.

Why are Turkish Towels so Popular?

Turkish towels have been loved and popular in recent years due to the unique features that set them apart from regular towels. If you're wondering why they're so popular, Here are some reasons:

      Lightweight: Turkish towels are incredibly lightweight, which makes them perfect for taking on the go. They're ideal for a day at the beach, a picnic in the park sauna, camping, trekking, or even a long-haul flight. Unlike traditional towels that can be bulky and heavy, Turkish towels won't weigh you down or take up too much space in your bag.

      Absorbent: These towels are super absorbent, making them great for everyday use. They're made from high-quality cotton that's woven in a unique way, which allows them to absorb water quickly and efficiently. This means you can dry off in no time and get on with your day without any fuss.

      Durability:As 100% pure virgin cotton is used for Turkish towels, these towels are the most durable and long-lasting.

But the benefits are not ending here. These towels are also very soft and it is a great joy to use them. And the good thing is; they become better with time as you wash them more and more!

Different Usage of Wholesale Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are incredibly versatile, and their uses go far beyond just drying off after a shower. Here are some of the different settings in which you can use these towels and the various purposes they serve: 

1.     Beach towels: Wholesale Turkish Beach Towels are perfect for taking to the beach. They're lightweight with great absorbency that makes them ideal for lounging on the sand or drying off after a swim.

2.     Sauna towels: Turkish towels are a staple in many saunas around the world. They're soft, absorbent, and lightweight so that they won't feel heavy or bulky against your skin. 

3.     Bath towels: Turkish towels make great bath towels. They're soft and gentle against your skin, and their absorbent properties mean you'll dry off quickly and easily.

4.     Sarong: Turkish towels can be worn as a sarong or wrap. They come in multiple colors & designs to make your buying decision easier.

5.     Wall tapestry: Turkish towels can be used as a beautiful wall tapestry. The intricate designs & beautiful colors add a touch of bohemian flair to any living space. You can simply hang them up and you have an instant stylish statement.

6.     End-of-bed blanket or bed cover: Turkish towels can be used as a lightweight bed cover or end-of-bed blanket. They're perfect for warm summer nights when you need just a little bit of extra warmth.

7.     Picnic blanket: Turkish towels can also be used as picnic blankets. With their lightweight features, you can easily carry them. The softness of these towels means you'll be comfortable sitting on them. 

8.     Scarves: Turkish towels can be worn as a scarf. They're very soft & lightweight, with unique designs that add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

So do you need a towel that can do it all? Then consider getting Turkish towels today.

With their endless possibilities, lightweight feel, and absorbent properties, you won't be disappointed. Trust us, you won't regret it!

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Tips to Care Your Turkish Towels

Are you looking to keep your Turkish towels in tip-top shape? 

When you are about to wash your towel for the first time, soak it in cold water for twelve hours before washing to maximize its absorbency & softness.

Use cold or medium heat water on a gentle cycle with similar colors. Don’t bleach and fabric softener. If you want to remove excess detergent, you can add a cup of white vinegar.

Hang-drying is recommended to preserve the towel, but if you choose to machine dry, use low to medium heat.

Don't worry if a thread gets pulled or a fringe comes undone – simply cut off the thread or separate the threads into two sections and twist them together in opposite directions before tying them off.

With these tips, your bulk turkish beach towels will stay soft, absorbent, and look great for years to come!

Buy Wholesale Turkish Towels!

There's no doubt that Turkish towels are the epitome of luxury and style, and it's time for you to experience it for yourself! 

As a small business owner, you constantly seek ways to enhance your offerings and improve your bottom line.

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